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The Sophisticated Pig

My name is Mark and I'm starting this blog at the beginning of 2019 to share my passion for the creation, pursuit, and enjoyment of food.  I'm based in central New Jersey (USA) and my love of food began with simple comfort food and has evolved alongside my spouse, Chris, over the past 30+ years.  Rice-a-roni based meals has evolved slightly during that time...


The Creation portion of the blog will be dedicated to home made Charcuterie and Salumi.  This passion started about 5 years ago with the attempt to make my own bacon.  From there fresh sausage to smoked sausage to dried sausage.  Still on the plate to explore are whole muscle curing and fermented dried sausage.


The Pursuit section consists of food tours either for ingredients or walking and eating great food.  The tours will mainly be based in NYC but I do have lots of experience enjoying food in NOLA.

The Enjoy section of the blog will contain recipes for anything that strikes my fancy but mainly sausage recipes.

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