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Time for more Dried Sausages!

Beautiful Sausage ready to dry cure!

We finished the last of our dried sausage during our 4th of July pool party. The charcuterie plate was devoured by our friends. (Not to mention 3 1/2 pounds of home cured bacon during the "Bacon Happy Hour"). So it's time to replenish the cupboards.

I decided to create 3 completely different types of dried sausage. Two of which I have not made before. Dried Finocchiona which is a great standard of mine along with dried Spanish Chorizo and a Dried Soppressata with orange and pistachios.

Based on the pork throwdown contest a few posts ago, I bought 18 pounds of pork butt from Costco ground it thru the coarse grinder plate and separated it into 3 equal 6 pound portions for the recipes.

I did the stuffing all at once so the end of each batch contains a little of the next recipe. I am not sure how that will turn out, but it's alway fun to experiment.

Stuffing the beef middles...

The recipes that I made are listed in the Enjoy section of the site and also links are provided below:

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