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Spanish Salchichon

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Cold Smoking with a smoking tube. There is no charcoal in the smoker.

This recipe was one of my first attempts at fermented dried sausage. It is cold smoked and has fermentation culture. I love the result and its one of my go-to dried sausages now. I recommend this as a great fermented sausage.


5 lbs. of pork and pork fat 80/20 ratio

60 g. salt

6 g. cure #2

5 g. corn syrup

40 g. non fat dry milk

9 g. cracked black pepper

2 g. cinnamon

2 g. ground cloves

2 g. nutmeg

7 g. garlic

1/8 tsp T-SPX culture


1. Prepare your T-SPX culture as per the package. I needed to dissolve mine in warm water and let it sit out for 20 minutes

2. Chill your meats together in the freezer while you setup your grinder with the 3/8 inch plate. Grind the chilled pork.

3. Mix all the ingredients and the culture with the ground pork. I do this by hand.

4. Stuff your sausage into beef middles. (~60 mm size)

5. Hang the sausage for 2 days at 75 Degrees F and 85% humidity. I use a humidifier in a closed bathroom

6. Cold smoke the sausage for 4 hours

7. Hang the sausage to dry for about 1 month at 75-80% humidity at ~58 Degrees F. Your sausage will have lost 1/3 its original weight when finished.

8. Enjoy. Seal and store leftover in the refrigerator or freeze.

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