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Salami Nola

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Picture of both the Salami Nola and Spanish Salchichon

This recipe was one of my first attempts at fermented dried sausage. It is cold smoked and has fermentation culture. The result was a decent salami but during the same curing session I made a Spanish Salchichon dried/smoked sausage that I liked much better. That recipe is also listed on the site. Try them both and decide which one you prefer.


5 lbs. of pork and pork fat 80/20 ratio

60 g. salt

6 g. cure #2

5 g. corn syrup

2.5 g. sugar

9 g. cracked black pepper

5 g. ground red pepper flakes

5 g. Allspice

1/8 tsp T-SPX culture


1. Prepare your T-SPX culture as per the package. I needed to dissolve mine in warm water and let it sit out for 20 minutes

2. Chill your meats together in the freezer while you setup your grinder with the 3/8 inch plate. Grind the chilled pork.

3. Mix all the ingredients and the culture with the ground pork. I do this by hand.

4. Stuff your sausage into beef middles.

5. Hang the sausage for 2 days at 75 Degrees F and 85% humidity. I use a humidifier in a closed bathroom

6. Cold smoke the sausage for 3 hours

7. Hang the sausage to dry for about 1 month at 75-80% humidity and ~58 Degrees F. Your sausage will have lost 1/3 its original weight when finished.

8. Enjoy. Seal and store leftover in the refrigerator or freeze.

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