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Puerto Rican Longaniza Sausage

Longaniza is a fresh sausage that comes from the Caribbean. Every area has a slightly different recipe. This recipe comes from Puerto Rico. The sausage came to my attention when recently were on vacation in Vieques. We had a paella dinner with Waldo on the island and one of the key ingredients was this sausage. He is known for his paella on the island. When I told him I make my own sausage, he said to bring some down next year and I will put it in my paella. I think I might take him up on it

I forgot to take a picture of my sausage :(

Longiniza is made from pork and contains garlic and annatto seed. This gives the sausage its red color. For this recipe I used heritage pork from

My recipe is below. Enjoy.


2 lbs Pork Shoulder 80/20 meat/fat split.

9 g Salt

2 g ground black pepper

2 g ground white pepper

5 g smoked sweet paprika

5 g hot paprika

5 g ground Annatto

8 g Oregano finely ground

4 Cloves crushed garlic


1. Grind the pork through 5/16 inch plate

2. Mix the ground pork with all the other ingredients

3. Stuff into medium hog casings

4. Refrigerate or freeze for storage.

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