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Mexican Style Eggplant Parm

Excellent Flavors!

People have been asking what we do with all the sausage and charcuterie we make, so I've expanded the recipe section of The Sophisticated Pig to include some of our favor ways to enjoy our charcuterie efforts. Chris improvised this recipe and it's a favorite way for me to enjoy eggplant.


2 Medium Eggplant

2 Ears of Corn

12 oz Homemade Fresh Chorizo (Recipe is Here)

16 oz of your favorite Salsa

6 oz of Queso Fresco cubed

1 Medium Onion diced

3 Cloves Garlic Diced

1 Medium Poblano Diced


1. Preheat oven to 400 Degrees

2. Use a knife to decobb the corn kernels from cobb.

3. Slice the eggplants into 3/8 inch rounds

4. Place the eggplant on a baking sheet and roast in the oven for 30 minutes, flipping the eggplant rounds after 15 minutes.

5. While the eggplant is baking, saute the chorizo in a frying pan to completely cook.

6. Remove the chorizo and then saute the onions, peppers and garlic and corn in the pan.

7. If you need to, deglaze the pan .with a little white cooking wine.

8. Add the chorizo back to the pan with onion mix and mix it well. Remove from heat

9. Reduce your oven temp to 350 when the eggplant is done baking.

10. Use a 8 inch square baking dish to assemble the recipe.

11. Spread a little of the salsa on the bottom of the dish to prevent sticking.

12. Layer 1/2 of the cooked eggplant followed by 1/2 of the chorizo mixture.

13. On top of that add some salsa and 1/2 of the queso.

14. Create a second layer of eggplant, chorizo, salsa, and queso.

15. Bake covered for 30 minutes, remove the cover and bake an additional 15 minutes.

Enjoy. Makes 4 Servings

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